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What's It Like

Jennifer J. Lacelle

Feb 23, 2023

An Author, Authoring...

When people discover I am a writer they often bombard me with open-mouthed shocks or questions. When I do book signings, people approach and ask about sequels. But one thing that often comes up is people saying they have an idea but just can't put it together, or they've been working on their story for eight years, or they're too scared to go further with the tale they've written.

Common Question #1: how long does it take to write? Every author has their own timeframe. Some books can take a couple months and other years. It depends on how much time is being dedicated to writing said book; the intricacy involved (like creating it's own world, governing system, religions, etc.); and, how big the story is (40,000 words, 60,000 words, 100,000 words).

Common Question #2: are you scared to let people read it? As an artist, it's important to recognize that your work will be appreciated by some and rejected by others. There's so much art in the world that someone is bound to like something, but that doesn't mean everyone has the same taste. Initially, I never showed my writing my people but learned to start after a friend and mentor told me to just do what I love and forget what the naysayers have to say. At the end the day, it's about making yourself happy - not others. Common Question #3: where do you get the ideas? Lots of research! History is a fantastic resource for ideas. They say there are only 7-9 stories in the world and each is rehashed on repeat. What makes them unique is the way the stories are presented. Cinderella, has been told and retold, in many forms. Some of which we might not even recognize - though some definitely (like the movie Ella Enchanted, as simple example). Another way of getting ideas is by talking to people, including strangers, or dreams. Sometimes our dreams or things that happen in real life can make the best novels. Of course, when it comes to talking to someone you can't just steal their story.

Common Question #4: how does it feel to publish books?

It's a lot of work, especially an an Independent Author. However, the benefits of IA have begun outweighing Traditional Publishing. It's more work and more expense on the author, but if done well the author has the chance to make more money than through TP. The quality of writing and book materials (from cover to interior pages) is the same level as TP at this point. Not to mention, even with TP the author still has to do their own marketing - for the most part. Common Question #5: what the most exciting part?

When people tell me what they liked, or didn't like, about the story. Every experience is a learning experience and they're all great. Of course, compliments are the nicest, but critiques are useful!

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