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Part 1: Knowing Your Creative Resources

Kimberly Harpe

Jan 19, 2023


Being a creative individual can be difficult at times. One day you've got your creative energy flowing through you as though your life depends on it for sustenance, and the next you're twiddling your thumbs feeling blocked and uninspired. It's a lousy feeling but there are steps you can take to transition back to your creative happy place. Knowing where your creative soul absorbs inspiration, and what resources are at your disposal, are definitely good measures to take in this endeavour.


So I'm going to break this down into another three part series including: Where To Find Inspiration, How To Do Your Research, and Finding Help & Support


Where To Find Inspiration 

If you've read my previous blog series on the Creative Soul, you'll know my stance on inspiration being something you can find anywhere you look. However, if you're working on a specific project, it helps to find the right kind of inspiration because let's face it, being inspired to paint flowers isn't necessarily going to help you with developing your male protagonists psychological background. Though, we all know what they say about saying 'never', he may very well have been a florists whose beloved shop was forced to closed down thereby pushing him to give up his dream and fall into line with the family business he's tried so hard to break free from.


My point is, if you're having difficulty with a particular aspect of your story or project, try taking a step back from the actual project to go view its theme first hand. Conduct interviews, go sightseeing, volunteer in a soup kitchen, or ask your local first responders if they offer a ride-along program. Research isn't your thing? Try reaching out to someone within an organization who specializes in what you're trying to incorporate and ask them what aspect of their field they are most passionate about and why. Sure, some of them may be too busy to respond, but some of them might not be and you'll never know unless you try!


This past year while dealing with neurological issues and unable to write, I decided that when the time came to pick that pen back up, I wanted to incorporate some history into my book series. However, I didn't know what precisely I wished to include, only that I knew the region and a very general time period. I decided to reach out to some museums and universities with departments that had a focus in line with my goal, and I was delightfully surprised to not only receive responses, but to receive lists of resources, attachments, and fun facts I would have never previously thought to include. Now that my health has improved, I'm able to begin looking into all that I've put aside and put it to good use.


The same goes for other creative endeavours. If you're sculpting and the music you usually listen to just isn't putting you in the zone, try taking a dance class or head out on the town with your friends to find a club or attraction you've never seen before. There are always wonderful workshops, classes, and cultural fairs to turn to, so I highly recommend getting out there and enjoying new experiences.


You never know what might inspire you!



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