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About Us

What is it about Northern Ontario that's so special? Well, we would say it's the inspiring people who live here! That's part of what sparked the starting of this small, humble magazine. We're here to tell your stories and the share in the accomplishments of works completed and in progress. We're here to showcase what Northern Ontario has to offer! 

The How, What & When

We'll be delivering this small production via digital platform for the first year of service. Once we feel we're known by Northern Ontario residents, we'll begin branching out to a four-sided print with the same kind of features about the artists of Ontario. 

What we'll be presenting? Articles about our featured subjects! They could be tips and tricks, interviews, general thoughts, actual experiences, funny stories, fiction or non-fiction, features about upcoming events, research, history, etc. 

The Who

Jennifer Lacelle20325.jpg

Jennifer J. Lacelle

Editor in Chief / Photographer / Filmmaker | Author


Communications Graduate Certificate | Georgian College

Journalism Diploma | Cambrian College

Specialist High Skills Major Theatre | Sudbury Secondary School


Belles-Lettres, Experience the World, Entertainment, Notably Northern | crazy cat lady, stopper of trading posts, hiker and traveler, black belt, amateur tree climber, crafter, reader and writer (2 published books)

*Photo by Lindsay MacDonald Photography

Joseemanon - RW.jpg

Josee Manon

Writer / Photographer


Collège Boréal | Soins dentaires niveau II Pediatric dental assistant


Entertainment, Travel, Belles-Lettres | Gaming reviews, cats, murder mystery fanatic, baker, black belt.


Alexandra Lewis



Conestoga College 


Book worm, crochet lover, and Paloma enthusiast


Jasmine Van Allen

Writer / Photographer


Laurentian University | Baccalauréat en éducation


Entertainment (Family Life), Belles-Lettres | reader, cat lover, traveler of places near and far, amateur photographer


Patricia Nagle

Writer / Photographer


Honours BA | History and Business | University of Waterloo

Graduate Cert. | Museum Management & Curatorship | Sir Sandford Fleming College 


Experience the World, Belles-Lettres | History buff, graveyard explorer, hiker extraordinaire. 

Kimberly Harpe_Creative Soul.png

Kimberly Harpe

Writer / Owner of Harpe Creative Mentoring and Coaching


Library and Information Technician | Algonquin College
Certified Coach Practitioner | Certified Coaches Federation
Various Other Subjects on Creativity, and Random Research | The Great Courses and other online learning platforms


Belles-Lettres, Creativity, Perspective, Travel | Reading, Writing (book series in progress), Travel, Amateur Mermaiding, and advocating for a life that makes you happy.


Ann Paquette

Writer / Photographer


Graphic Design | Cambrian College

ECE | College Boreal


Photo Gallery | Fantasy, Nature, Small Details, Pets, Plants,  Family, Gamer, Reader and Author (three self-published books).

Bucarelli, Vince Bio pix.jpg

Vince Bucarelli

Writer / Photographer


  • BA

  • BeD

  • Med


Explore the World, Entertainment | Martial Arts, Volleyball, Photography, Fishing, Hiking, Foodie!

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The Why

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