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Justine Giles

Jennifer J. Lacelle

Nov 16, 2023

3 Singles, 2 Years & A New Era

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life, but here’s a guarantee: you will absolutely love Justine Giles’ newest single! Her song, Before It’s Too Late, releases November 17, 2023. It will be her third single in two years and this woman is on a creative roll.

Giles says this is a totally new era for her and that vocal performance and confidence are “muscles” that have to be worked regularly to improve and grow.

If you’ve heard any of the musician’s past music, you’ll note sweet, gentle, and crisp tones as her voice flutters through the airwaves.

However, this latest song “suggests the closing of a personal chapter” for the artist as she hails in a new style that you can’t help but become addicted to! The song delivers a slight 1990’s flare with a smoky-blues vibe.

“I felt like a different beast was coming out of me, I felt almost unrecognizable to myself,” says Giles. “But at the same time, I felt ready to embrace my strength and power and I’m really proud of these vocals. They’re the strongest I’ve ever delivered.”

In addition, she says this newest song is “bold” and “edgy” when compared to her previous work. It was a natural progression to find her own power and let the world see her strengths.

Her lyrics have always been passionate, heart-shattering, enlightening, and emotional. Artists tend to reveal far more of themselves than they know, it’s one of the reason people connect strongly to books, movies, and music. Giles lyrics are no exception — Before It’s Too Late reveals “depths of personal reflection.”

This song started in 2021 by playing with the tuning of her guitar and discovering healing isn’t “linear.” The lyrics and melody themselves happened fairly quick and she took to studio in 2023 where they took the key of the song and lowered it, creating a “subtle but significant” shift.

Giles left Ontario in 2019 (she spent much of her youth in Sudbury) and moved to Alberta. She’s won several awards over the last few years and is garnering more and more attention with each release. The artist has made appearances on CBC’s Eyeopener, X929’s Xposure, CCMA’s “Off Country” and Jim Beam’s “Stillhouse Songwriter Sessions.”

Giles has also become a bit of a staple within Calgary’s music scene. She says that music inspiration has come from life experiences, internal states and, of course, the amazing community of music in the city.

“Sometimes you meet people who awaken you, touch your wounds… highlight what needs to be healed,” she says. “They’re our teachers thing bring us deeper self awareness.”


Next performance dates:

November 21 – The Nash Off-Cut-Bar (Duo Show)

November 26 – Global Calgary TV Appearance (Live Interview & Performance)

December 3 – CJSW FM Radio Appearance (Live Interview & Performance)

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All photography by J Edmund Photography

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