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Dryden, Ontario

Patricia Nagle

Sept 28, 2023

Far North Adventures

Looking for another place to see in Northern Ontario, why not check out Dryden? This past weekend I had the opportunity to drive up and see the beautiful community. Dryden is located four hours northwest of Thunder Bay or one and half hours east of Kenora.

My first task in Dryden was to see Max the Moose! Max is a giant bull moose statue located just off Highway 17. According to the sign, Max the Moose was created as a centennial project in 2010, marking the 100th year of Dryden. Next to Max the Moose is the Naked North Art Gallery & Gifts. This is a little gift shop full of beautiful artwork, souvenirs, and information about Dryden. It also has public washrooms which are always nice when travelling. The clerk was very helpful and even gave me a few spots to check out in the city.

Max the Moose - Taken August 5, 2023 in Dryden, Ontario by Patti Nagle

My next stop was Johnston’s Park located further west on Highway 17. Johnston’s Park contains a beautiful mosaic piece at its centre called “Pieces of Dryden”. It was created as part of the city’s centennial project in 2010. It is compiled of 18,000 pieces of dishes, pottery, mirrors and tiles from the residents of Dryden. Further into the park is a trail head. If you turn right, it takes you further into the city. If you turn left, it will lead you to the Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge. This is a small suspension bridge that crosses the Wabigoon River. It is located at the site of the first paper mill in Dryden that never got fully built due to a fire.

As it was a hot day, my next stop was Sandy Beach Park. This park is located on the south side of the city. The beach is open May through August from 5am to 10pm each day. This was a small beach, but quiet and away from the city. It is hard to see it from the parking area, but you’ll just need to walk past the park and down the hill. The water isn’t the nicest. There was lots of seaweed and rocks, but it was a nice quiet place to take a quick dip and eat some lunch. In addition to the beach, there is a small playground, a pavilion, and a bathroom.

My final stop in the Dryden area was Aaron Provincial Park. This park is located about 10 minutes east of Dryden, just off Highway 17. It is a small park full of different amenities. It comprises of a boat launch, campsites, a small beach, and a few hiking trails. The hiking trails were short but offered a beautiful view of Thunder Lake.  Some parts of the trail weren’t groomed so I had to walk through spider webs and tall grass, and step over a few trees. Aaron Provincial Park has a $12.25 day fee, or a $2.00 walk-in fee where you can park your car outside the park entrance and walk in.

As you can see, there is lots to do in Dryden; so, if you ever find yourself in Northwestern Ontario, take a drive into Dryden and check it out!

Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge - Taken August 5, 2023 in Dryden, Ontario by Patti Nagle

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